From Taking Photos to Creating Images

"You don't take a photograph - you make it".

This statement of the photography master Ansel Adams essentially describes the way I live my passion for photography. It is not my goal to just visually capture a moment, but rather to apply a creative process to my photos that I describe as "creation".

When it comes to my work, I do not claim to always reflect reality. Instead, I usually move away from visual reality to subjective reality. This opens up a world that allows me to visually express my perception, thoughts and feelings. Thus, each photo always represents a part of my personality.

One of the techniques that strongly influences my image style is long exposure photography. Exposure times of up to several minutes dissolve the structures of moving elements such as clouds or water so as to produce a strong soft-focus effect, while fixed elements are recorded as they are actually perceived by the eye. As a result, I already create a surreal aspect in the context of the real while taking the photo. The specific manipulation of light, shadow and colours in the image processing is another crucial tool on my way to the final image.


Where do I find my subjects and themes? Simply everywhere I see aesthetics - be it a rock in the sea surf - or state-of-the-art architecture. Even if the beauty may not stand out at first glance, it often already exists in my imagination and vision before I take the photo. My aim is to put an emphasis on the aesthetics and to inspire and captivate the viewer through it.


I kindly invite you to dive into my world. You will find a selection of my work in the galleries of this website. Perhaps I can share my fascination and passion with you!

I look forward to inquiries and feedback via email or social networks.

The photo gallery below gives a small insight into my work in the form of "making-of"-photos. Many thanks to my photo buddies and especially to my partner for her patience when she is on the way with me.