„You don’t take a photograph - you make it“


This often quoted statement by the master of photography Ansel Adams essentially describes the way I live my passion for photography.


My name is Achim Korherr and I am a fine art photographer.

I see fine art photography as an art form that allows me to reflect a subjective and artistic interpretation of the subjects I choose and to involve the viewer in an emotional and aesthetic experience.

I create an atmosphere that reflects my personal view of the image, both through the use of long exposures during photography and through manipulating light and shadow during image processing. My images are meant to evoke emotion, leave room for interpretation and personal thought and encourage the viewer to see the world through different eyes. It is my goal to create a bridge between the real and the imaginary through my photography and to present the beauty of my subjects in a unique and captivating way.

I find my subjects wherever I see aesthetics. This can be a rock in the surf or quite often modern architecture. I don't take a photo as a "snapshot". I take the time to let the environment and the subject work on me. These observations often create the basic features of the finished image in my mind before I take the photo.


From photography to art


An important part of my artistic process is printing my work as fine art prints. It is very important for me to control the entire development process to ensure that the color reproduction, level of detail and durability of my prints are of the highest quality standards. I work with first class printers, high quality papers and premium pigment inks to achieve prints of outstanding quality.

The presentation of my work is of great importance to me. In my studio, I like to experiment with different ways of presenting my work. From classic matting to laminating on wood or aluminium composite panels, I experiment with different materials and techniques. On the one hand to enhance the aesthetic impact of my photographs, on the other to expand my artistic voice and discover new ways of visual communication. To ensure that every detail of the presentation meets my high standards, I frame my work myself and also personally cut the museum-quality picture glass.


I invite you to enter my world. You will find a selection of my work on my website.

You may also have the opportunity to see my work in one of my exhibitions. 

I look forward to inspiring you with my work.


If you are interested in a fine art print, please contact me.


Achim Korherr

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